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No House Cleaning service is offered in this province!

NOTE: Half-Day visit/packages: 1st shift drop time will be between (8:00 AM to 09:00 AM).
2nd shift will be between (03:00 PM to 04:00 PM).
Calculate 4hrs from Cleaner arrival time.
Full day visit/packages drop time will be between (8:00 AM to 09:00 AM). Calculate 09hrs from Cleaner arrival time including 1 hour Break.

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What people are saying!

Abdullah, DAMMAM

Juliet was absolutely fantastic! She was very friendly, left her home and left to work immediately. I will make a reservation and ask for it again for sure.

jawaher, DAMMAM

They did an amazing job! What an excellent team! They arrive on time, they are thorough, and the house is so fresh and clean when they’re done. Thanks again.


They consistently do a first class job for us. We don’t submit feedback each time as the quality continues on a high level and we have no complaints. Keep up the good work.

Jawaher, DAMMAM

Cleaners are prompt, professional, thorough, compassionate. My house is grateful for their attention and care… Cleaners are excellent in every way!


Thank you for doing such a great job again! I love having a clean home. Looks great and smells great too!


Jennifer is great at what she does. She is professional, detailed, and friendly. The team members she has hired hold the same qualities as Jennifer and we’ve been pleased with everyone’s work!

Kassim, DAMMAM

Great attention to detail, patience working around the complexity of us being home sick, and the extra effort it required to deal with a house that was a disaster as a result of having a vomiting kiddo.

Mohammad, DAMMAM

My kitties are happy, my house is clean and it smells amazing. Coming home on cleaning day is the best day of the week.


OK. But I have questions!

Through Massadr branches and Massadr website
4 Hours
Yes, but client has to renew his contract before 10 days from the contract expiry date.
Client has to provide the cleaning materials.
Massadr will provide the meal to the cleaners
Yes, client can contact Massadr call center and request for a replacement, in addition client can write comments in service evaluation form.
Through branches or Massadr website
Well trained female cleaners with a competitive price to maintain high standards of cleaning.
No, we provide this service to residential customers only.

Maren service provides Part-time female cleaners to the customers with flexible time on daily and monthly contracts. Our well trained female cleaners will do all cleaning activities at client premises and maintain high standards of cleaning.

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